the reality of moving home from college

I survived freshman year of college. I moved out of my dorm, was charged from the paint ripped off the walls by command strips, and turned in my room key for good. I drove myself home and conquered my fear of merging onto the interstate. I unloaded all of my stuff and piled it into the dining room. And then I took a looooong nap. I’ve been home for a little over a week, and here are some of the realizations that I’ve had since moving back home from college.

  1. I. have. SO. MUCH. STUFF!!!! – Seriously, how in the world did all of this fit inside my shoe box of a dorm room? And I’m also convinced that I came back with twice as much stuff as I left with. Just the mention of the word “unpacking” makes me shudder because of the mountain of clothes, dorm décor, and storage bins staring at me from the dining room. I think that after I put away one thing, another thing appears in its place. Not to mention, I’m donating four full trash bags of clothes and I’ve still had  to reserve an extra drawer for the dozens of new sorority t-shirts I’ve accumulated.
  2. I have SO. MUCH. SPACE!!!!! – I no longer live in fear of falling out of my lofted bed if I move in the wrong direction. It’s a beautiful feeling. I can sit up in bed and not bang my head against the ceiling. I can lay on the floor of my room and make carpet angels, and I won’t jam my hand into a mini-fridge or futon. My house feels like a mansion compared to my shoe box. I could get lost in here. I also get way more Fitbit steps because I have to walk all the way downstairs to get a snack.
  3. No more shower shoes – I think this is pretty self-explanatory. Also, I don’t have to gag anymore about other people’s hair on the walls and in the drain(SIDE NOTE: Shower shoes save lived because I’ve almost slipped and fallen multiple times without the resistance of my shower shoes.)
  4. No more unlimited meal plan – There really is nothing like a home-cooked meal, but there are a few downsides. For starters, there aren’t cookies waiting for me on the kitchen counter every day. There’s no more buffet-style line, and I have to make my own food and then wash the dishes instead of putting them in the dish return carousel. It is nice that my food has taste and flavor now, and I know that the chicken is real chicken.
  5. Find my Friends is wack – I can’t track my friends to the exact building they’re in on campus. I can’t check to see if they’re near the dining hall and want to grab lunch. I can’t check to see if they’re in the MLC and have a study room I can sit in. It’s honestly really #sad. My friends are scattered across the state of Georgia, some are thousands of miles away (looking @ you, out-of-state friends), and some are studying abroad across the ocean.
  6. I drive everywhere – I’ve said goodbye to the bus system and the dreaded Brumby hill for the next few months. No more cramming onto an Orbit at Tate during class change with dozens of other sweaty bodies. No more 30 minute walk to the art building. It’s really nice to have a car to just go to Target whenever I want, and there’s no more guilt from asking friends for rides.
  7. You have to tell your parents where you’re going. – College is strange in that you could disappear for a few days and maybe nobody would notice. You could sleep in the MLC and you probably wouldn’t get many questions. You can pretty much go anywhere at any time and don’t need to tell anyone. I forgot that my parents would question it if I walked out the door without telling them where I’m going and I also have a curfew again.
  8. High school – I drove by my high school and it was really just the strangest feeling in the world. I feel like I never left, but I also have no recollection of actually being in high school and walking through those halls. Also, I can’t even imagine how I woke up at 6:30 every morning, went to 7 classes a day, came home at 4 PM, did extracurriculars, homework, and managed to be in bed by 11 PM. Sometimes I barely made it to my one class a day at 12:20 PM.
  9. Your family went on with their lives without you. – This one is the most shocking because, honestly, how do they even survive without their favorite family member and the light of their lives??? My brother has taken my seat at the dinner table, he thinks he owns my car now, and he’s stolen all the candles from my bedroom. It must be really boring around here without me, but I guess they’ve made it work.

These are just a few of the random things I’ve noticed in my week home, and I’m sure many other college kids have noticed the same things. Wish me luck in my unpacking!!!

Love, ~E ❤

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