mid-year resolutions

So it’s April 20th as I’m beginning this blog post, and I’m about to update you all on my New Year’s resolutions post that I made in January.

I haven’t completely failed on all of them, but I also haven’t exceeded all my expectations yet – there’s growth & still room for improvement!!!

Here’s a recap of my original goals, how I’m currently doing, and how I’m changing them to be more realistic.

  1. Read a devotional every day – So this one was going strong until the beginning of February when I just lost motivation and started to forget. I didn’t really think about it again until after my trip to Jamaica. I’ll be honest, I don’t think I opened my Bible in college more times than I can count on my fingers before Jamaica, but seeing everyone there set out time every day to read the Bible and be with the Lord really inspired me. I have started a 30 day Bible reading plan about prayer (another thing I’m bad at), and I have a few more saved up in my Pinterest board to keep me going. I love it so far, and I’m really wondering why I didn’t start sooner. If you have any good Bible study plans, PLEASE share them.
  2. Run a half-marathon – Haha. This one is not coming anytime soon, but there are still 8 months left in the year, so it could still happen!! The intention behind this one was to start working out again, and I have done that! I try to work out 4-5 times per week at school. I may start out with a 5K and then see where it goes from there! ISO a workout buddy to keep me accountable!!
  3. Solidify friendships with college friends – God really answered my prayers with this one. My biggest struggle in my first semester of college was finding a community, I prayed for it, & God was SO faithful. I’m living in the sorority house next year with 3 of my best friends and 50 of my other sorority sisters that I’m really excited to get close to. Jamaica was the biggest blessing as I now have 90 new best friends, and I hope that I stay close with every single one of them. I’ve found community in my sorority, my Freshley small group, my Jamaica trip (POMO 5ever), my classes, and everywhere in between. I’m don’t know all 35,000 students at UGA yet, but that’s the goal.
  4. Maintain friendships with high school friends – We still talk in our group message every single day, I see my high school friends who go to UGA almost daily, and group FaceTime calls are a regular thing. I’d like to think I have found a good balance between completely forgetting high school friends and being stuck in high school forever.
  5. Get my foot in the door in the interior design industry – This one is still a work in progress. Results TBA. I am taking Interior Design classes in the fall, and I apply to the Interior Design school in December. Please cross all your fingers & toes for me!!
  6. Manage money wisely – I did really well with this one until after Jamaica when I started going to Cookout with my friends 3 times per week. However, I am working this summer, I’m making some money off of my Redbubble account (my username is elizabethdylan – pls buy my stickers), and I want to sell canvases again this summer (pls commission one from me).
  7. Get involved in thing I am passionate about at UGA – I’m going to be a Freshley Prayer leader next year, and I have applied for a few other leadership positions in other organizations. I want to get more involved within my sorority and join new clubs as well.
  8. See the world – I went to Jamaica, and it was the best week of my life. Can you tell I love Jamaica? If I could, I would drop everything right now and travel the world for the rest of my life, but that’s just not feasible. Do you see my dilemma?
  9. Work on selflessness – Something I try to think about every day. Nowhere near perfect, but working on it.
  10. Expand my passion for lettering, calligraphy, and art – I’ve recently been super into graphic design and have started making a lot of art using drawing apps. If you want to see more, you can check out my Instagram @everything.by.e or my Redbubble (@elizabethdylan)!
  11. Write one blog post per week – I really do try to do this, but I often just can’t think of something to say that people will actually want to read about. Writer’s block is real, so PLEASE give me ideas if you have any. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!
  12. Drink more water – Some days I drink like 6 bottles of water and some days the only liquid I consume is coffee. It’s about balance.
  13. Be intentional – My Jamaica trip is something that taught me so much about what it looks like to be intentional. I LOVE JAMAICA!!!!!!
  14. Achieve a 4.0 GPA spring semester – I forgot about this one but it’s definitely possible. I should probably be studying rather than writing this blog post, but priorities, right? Will keep y’all updated.
  15. Establish a regular sleep schedule – This one is happening!!!! Even though I don’t have class on Monday/Wednesday/Fridays, I wake up at 8:45, and I love drinking my coffee and having the morning to be productive. I wake up before 7 on Tuesday/Thursdays for my 8AM, and I haven’t skipped yet! Weekends are variable, but I’m really proud of the improvement for weekdays. The next goal is to wake up early to go running in the summer, but I’m not sure I have the willpower.
  16. Maintain a skincare routine – I’ve maintained the same skincare routine since January, and I have seen improvement! I have learned that it is SO much easier to have one routine to stick with
  17. I don’t remember what this one was???
  18. Be on my phone less – This one is still a work in progress. While I only use one full charge per day, I’ve started to use my computer more for Pinterest or Netflix or whatever I may choose. I think I’m going to revise this goal to say less screen time so that I can be more focused on studying, talking to people, or just being present instead of the new season of Game of Thrones (except I’m only on season 2 – no spoilers please!!!)
  19. Stop eating the Bolton cookies – I gave up cookies for Lent!!!! 40 days strong!!! Today is actually the first day I can eat cookies again, and I don’t even want any.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my mid-year resolutions. While I do publish this on the Internet for anyone to see, it’s really just to keep myself accountable. Let me know how you’re doing on your resolutions, if you gave up on January 2nd, are still going strong, or somewhere in the middle! Have the happiest Monday!!

Love, ~E

PS – PLEASE share your Bible study plans, blog post suggestions, half-marathon training plans, travel ideas, etc.!!!

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