things to call your mom for in college

A comprehensive list of reasons to call your mom in college.

  1. Can you transfer money into my account? I HAD to buy an outfit for a social off of Amazon.
  2. I fell down the stairs today. Do you think my ankle is broken? I better not go to class today.
  3. Can you ask dad how to put new ink cartridges in my printer?
  5. Can you put more Paw Points in my account? I used all of mine already.
  6. I ran out of conditioner can you mail me some so I don’t have to go to the store and get it myself?
  7. Should I come home this weekend?
  8. Which guy should I ask to formal?
  9. Do you think I could bake this tub of cookie dough in the microwave?
  10. I’m bored on my walk to class.
  11. Are you guys lonely without me at home? You should be. How are you holding up without seeing your favorite child every day?
  12. Can I completely substitute water in my diet for iced coffee?
  13. Should I get an internship this summer?
  14. I lost my room key and have to pay $45 to get the locks changed on my door.
  15. I definitely just failed my bio/chem/history/calc/Spanish/accounting/stat test.
  16. Will you come to Athens and do my laundry for me?
  17. So if I accidentally washed a red shirt with whites and turned them all pink, can I fix that?
  18. If my shoe is breaking, can I just superglue it back together?
  19. My Spanish teacher is literally so awful. She doesn’t even speak Spanish.
  20. My English teacher gave us all an extra point on our papers for all of us turning them in on time!! I want to be her best friend. Should I bring her coffee to her office hours and then we can be besties?
  21. I CANNOT wait to come home and have home-cooked meals and a bed that I won’t fall 5 feet down if I move 4 inches.
  22. You won’t believe what happened last night. A guy on my floor came back drunk last night and made a human-sized hole in the wall.
  23. Will you be mad if I drop out and move back home for the rest of my life and die alone?? That’s looking like my best option at this point.
  24. Ugh I hate college.
  25. Can I fight off the flu with Advil?
  26. I love college.
  27. I have SO MANY t-shirts!!!! Will all of these fit in my drawers at home?
  28. I dropped my phone getting off the bus yesterday and the screen is shattered. Just wanted to let you know so it’s not a shock when I come home.
  29. I think I saw a girl from preschool walking on the way to class yesterday. Can you stalk her mom on Facebook and see if she goes here?
  30. Should I change my major?
  31. What would I do without you?
  32. Also, can you transfer money into my account?


While there are many other things you should call your mom for in college, this list seems like it pretty much covers most of the bases. Also, call your dad, too (Sorry that I don’t call you enough, dad). And annoy your little brother by setting off the lost alarm on his phone until he texts you back.

Thank youuuu for reading!!! !:))) If you’re in college, this is your reminder to call your mom, and if you’re a mom with a kid in college, tell them to call you.

Love, ~E

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