things you learn very quickly in college

  1. How to solve problems on your own. – Even though I still call my mom when even the slightest inconvenience arises, college has taught me how to suck it up and just do the darn thing. Things like how to call the boutique you’ve been wanting a job at to see if they’re hiring, schedule an appointment with the health center when you think you might have the flu, and go to your teacher’s office hours when you fail a test you thought you aced. This is as close to the real world as you’re gonna get before you get to the real real world, so you might as well learn it now before you’re graduating college and the only medication you’ve used in the past 4 years is Advil.
  2. Being alone is literally the best ever. – Don’t get me wrong, I love being around friends and ~socializing~, but even the most extroverted extroverts can learn to enjoy silence. There is literally nothing better than not having to interact with anyone whether it be plugging in headphones and watching Netflix for hours, sitting alone in the dining hall and praying that nobody sits next to you, or opting to walk 30 minutes back from class rather than taking the bus with somewhere around 100 bodies smushed together.
  3. Having people everywhere is the best ever. – For those times when you do emerge into society, there’s dozens of people on your hall to chat with while brushing your teeth in the bathroom, sorority sisters are having a Bachelor watch party just four floors down, and it’s strange that in a school of 35,000 people you still manage to say hey to 15 people while walking down the hill to Bolton. Someone is always doing something, so there’s no chance to get bored.
  4. Time Management – I’ll say it louder for the people in the back. TIME MANAGEMENT!!!!!! Nobody is forcing you to go to class (unless there’s an only 2 absences attendance policy (@ the art school)), and nobody is telling you not to watch 12 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy today instead of studying for your accounting test. It’s all up to you, so will you spend your break in between classes cramming for a test or sleeping? You get to decide, and it’s a blessing and a curse. You will learn how to spend your time wisely since there’s no 8 AM to 4 PM school day to hold you accountable, and your professors don’t really care if you read the textbook last night or stayed downtown until 3 AM.
  5. You will learn what you want to do. – You may come into college thinking that there’s no way that you won’t be a biochemical rocket scientist, but you may change that on day one of drop/add week. First semester, I changed my major from Interior Design to Furnishings & Interiors to Human Development/Family Sciences then back to Interior Design, so there was definitely a learning process there. I think I know more people who have changed their major than not. College will reinvent the way you think about life (not to be dramatic or anything), and your interests will likely change, too.
  6. You will learn what you want to do. – This is not a typo. You will learn what you want to do in regards to getting involved, joining clubs, making friends, etc. You may start out wanting to be the person who goes out 5 nights a week and end up being the person who spends their nights at Bible studies and campus ministries and is in bed by 10 PM. You may think you could never rush or join a sorority and then find your home second semester during spring rush. You may move through friend group after friend group hoping to find your people, and then make best friends where you least expect it. Spontaneity is key, and college is nothing if not a time to be spontaneous. Try out everything until you find your niche.
  7. The importance of calling your mom. – I text my mom 24/7. I tell her good morning and goodnight, I tell her a minute-by-minute recap of my day, I tell her if I made eye contact with a cute boy (marry me???), I tell her if I tripped over my own feet walking to class, I ask her if I really can fight off the flu with Advil because I actually don’t know how to make an appointment with the health center. She better miss me a lot, & I hope she’s counting down the milliseconds until she sees me again. How could she not be???? But really, text and call your mom because if you don’t, you’re missing out on the best thing God gave you.

That’s all I have for today, ladies & gents. I hope you enjoyed, and let me know the first thing that college taught you! Happy Sunday!

Love, ~E.

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