favorite things of January 2019

Happy Sunday, friends!! Today I’m going to share some of my absolute favorite things from this month from clothes to classes to foods to people to places! Hopefully this may inspire you to make some impulse purchases, make new habits, or try new things!

  1. Old Navy yoga pants – I  really, really needed some new yoga pants because I realized over break that the majority of my yoga pants were purchased at Target like 5 years ago and were starting to get holes in them. I’m very picky about my yoga pants, but these are absolutely perfect – they’re super high-waisted, not super baggy in the calf, and the perfect mix between an athletic and a cotton material! They’re everything a name-brand yoga pant has but without the price tag.
  2. Kelly Creates Brush Pens – I got these as a Christmas gift, and they’re by far my favorite brush pen!! I am not super steady with my upstrokes when lettering yet, but these make it super easy to get the thick down stroke and thin upstroke. If you’re looking to get into lettering, I’d definitely recommend these as they’re perfect for those of us who letter just for fun! I have the dual tip brush pens, so I can create whichever size letters I want.
  3. Podcasts – I used to just listen to music on my walks to class, but I’ve recently discovered podcasts & they make my walks to class much more fun. I’ve found some interesting, educational, and inspirational “pods” to listen to, so here are some of my favorites.
    1. The Morning Toast – If you love pop culture, this one is for you!! These gals are SO funny and entertaining, AND they post a new podcast every weekday so you never run out of content.
    2. WHOA That’s Good Podcast – Brought to you by Sadie Robertson, these episodes are short and sweet and it’s just a good, inspirational podcast. She brings in Christian influencers to share insight that really does make you say, “WHOA that’s good.”  (I’m sry that was cheesy)
    3. Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness – This podcast is all about things you never knew about but have always wanted to. Each podcast is so interesting and really makes you think.
  4. 3-D Design Class – I’ve only had this class a few times so far, but I really think it’ll end up being my favorite class this semester. It’s pretty self-explanatory – we design 3-D things. Our first project is making a plaster model of a microscopic texture, and my idea right now is to do the iris of an eye with all the intricate structures (look up close-up iris of eye – it’s so cool). The only downside so far it that my teacher doesn’t know who Joanna Gaines is (literally how??).
  5. TV/Movies – This section is so you can find new things to binge watch while you have a mile-long list of other things to.
    1. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo – This show has been getting so much hype recently, and I’m so here for it. I watched 4 episodes and have rearranged my entire dorm room. It was exactly what I needed to kickstart my second semester. I would highly recommend you start watching because it will make you reevaluate & reorganize your entire life.
    2. Scandal – If you watch Scandal, and it doesn’t make you want to stop what you’re doing and become a lawyer, did you really watch Scandal? I’m debating naming one of my future children Olivia after Olivia Pope.

Thank you for reading all about my current favorite things . Let me know if this post helped you find a new favorite thing or if we have some of the same favorite things!

Love, ~E

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