nineteen goals for twenty-nineteen

Happy Sunday, everyone! I think I want to make Sunday the day that I publish blog posts in 2019, so here we go! These are the 19 things I want to do in 2019. I know there are some lofty goals, but I’m excited to work towards accomplishing them. Writing things down and sharing them with other people keeps me accountable, and there’s probably some research study that says the same thing. I want to print out these goals and hang them on my wall so I can see them every day  and then come back to this post in 2020 to see how well I reached my goals.


  1. Read a devotional every day. – Each year I tell myself that I’ll do this or read the Bible weekly/daily, and it usually never lasts past the first Sunday. I struggle with keeping Jesus in my everyday life, not just during worship or at church. I got a 365 day devotional book for Christmas, and I plan on keeping it by my bed so that the first thing I do when I wake up is pray.
  2. Run a half marathon. – Okay, so I told myself I would do this in 2018, but I went running like 4 times and gave up. I’ve even recruited a friend to struggle through 13 miles with me. I was really in the habit of working out 5-6 days per week before college, but lost the motivation in the fiasco that was first semester. Now that I’ve settled in and have a much more flexible schedule this semester, I am setting a goal of running 5 days per week (give or take a few depending on the week) and working up to running a half marathon at the beginning of the summer. I want to do this not only for my health but so I can put a 13.1 sticker on my laptop. LOL.
  3. Solidify friendships with college friends. – It is hard to find your people right away in college, and that’s something I battled with daily first semester. I now have a better idea of who could and who probably won’t become my forever friends, so I am looking forward to finding & holding on to those tight-knit friendships like the ones that I found in high school.
  4. But still stay close with high school friends.  – I’ve found that these people are my forever friends. I am lucky enough to go to school with many of my friends from home and have even gotten closer with some during first semester. I have beautiful people who send me an ugly snap or advice from the group message, and I want to cherish them forever. If we aren’t in the same nursing home at 90 years old, I’ll be mad.
  5. Gain experience & “get my foot in the door” in the interior design industry. – Life is a lot about who you know, and especially the interior design industry. I want to network and reach out to interior designers to see if I can shadow them for a day, intern with them over the summer, or just have a name and an email.
  6. Manage money wisely. – I’ve always been a saver. Even when I started getting an allowance, I would save it all up until $5 per week turned into hundreds of dollars sitting in a Tupperware container in my room with “Elizabeth’s Spending Money” scrawled across it. I refuse to accept the term “broke college kid,” so I’d love to find a way to make money such as getting a job in Athens at a boutique or taking art commissions. I also want to work on reducing my spending by eating out less frequently, and taking less trips to Target.
  7. Get involved in things I am passionate about at UGA. – While I went in to first semester with full intentions of being super involved, but I just ran out of time as soon as classes, sorority functions, and football season were in full swing. I really want to narrow my interests to service-based organizations instead of donation-based organizations. I want to get more involved in my sorority and also find an organization where I can develop my talents in art & design. Lastly, I want to learn more about how I can contribute to the many amazing Christian ministries on campus such as Freshley/Wesley & the Catholic Center.
  8. See the world. –  I’m a type 7 on the Enneagram Scale, so I’m an adventurer. Airports and road trips make me happy and I’d be so content living out of a suitcase traveling to obscure places for the rest of my life. I’m beyond excited to be able to go on a mission trip to Jamaica over my spring break since I’ve never been on a mission trip. I also want to travel over the summer. I have always wanted to go to Greece or Italy, and it looks like it might be possible this summer. I might also “accidentally” show up on the same cruise a friends is going on in July.
  9. Work on selflessness. – I also have tendencies that resemble a 3 on the Enneagram scale, so I am constantly seeking approval from others (Can you tell that I’m currently obsessed with the Enneagram??). Rather than try to make everyone love me, I want to show everyone God’s love for them. Instead of focusing on how others feel about me, I want to be assured in how the Lord loves me and show others that need validation the same love.
  10. Expand my passion for lettering, calligraphy, & art. – Over winter break, I painted and sold canvases to raise money for my mission trip to Jamaica. It was very successful, & I really enjoyed doing it. I want to grow my Instagram account that I post my art on, nd possibly even start an Etsy shop over the summer to sell pre-made canvases on. I am the type of person, however, where I lose interest in things quickly, so it would be a good lesson in perseverance.
  11. Write at least one blog post per week. – While I am still starting out, I want to make this a regular thing. Writing down my thoughts has become very peaceful for me. I truly am not doing this so that hundreds of people can see it, I just want to make my thoughts candid and cohesive. If someone can relate to, laugh at, or enjoy something I write, that’s great, too. I want to keep myself accountable for writing this blog so that I am intentional, honest, and responsible to myself.
  12. Drink more water. – I think this one is self-explanatory. Water is good for you.
  13. Be intentional. – You must be very intentional in college with everything you do to keep friendships, maintain good grades, and enjoy each day. I want to make sure the things I do are beneficial to myself and those around me. I want to stop making excuses for myself & do things that are best and not just easiest.
  14. Get a 4.0 GPA spring semester. – I was so close to attaining this in the fall semester but fell short by a B+ in my toughest class. Many people say freshman year is the easiest academically, so I want to set up a good foundation for myself in the years to come.
  15. Establish a regular sleep schedule. – This may sound strange, but staying up until 3 AM and sleeping until 3 PM really stresses me out. I’ve even told people that I wish we didn’t have to sleep because there’s so much we could do during the time we’re asleep. My goal for the school year is to go to sleep between 11-12 PM each night and wake up around 7-8 AM each day. I only have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays this next semester, but I want to keep this schedule on the other days so that I feel productive and energized every day.
  16. Establish a regular skin care routine – I’ve always hated my skin and my Irish genes don’t really help out in that department. I got a skin care regiment for Christmas, and I want to follow through with it to see where it gets me. Self-care has become such a huge thing, and I am so for it.
  17. Live without guilt – I‘m a perfectionist so I dwell on every single thing & wish I had done something different, but I’m going to work on being more intentional in everything I do, but still forgive myself if I make the smallest mistake.
  18. Be on my phone less – I say this as I’m watching Netflix on my phone and typing this blog post. I’m usually never being productive when I’m on my phone just scrolling through Instagram, but it’s my go-to thing to do when I don’t know what to do or I’m avoiding doing something I should. I usually go through 2 or 3 complete charges in a day, so I want to use that as a marker for how much I’m using my phone and narrow it down to only having to plug in my phone at night when I go to sleep.
  19.  Stop eating the Bolton cookies – Remember when I said that I went cold turkey on the cookies? Well, I gave up. After 3 days. I’m really gonna do it this time.


After writing all of these, I’ve noticed that a lot of them are about being intentional with what I’m doing and, to me, that means doing things on purpose. So here’s to 2019 and living and loving life and doing it on purpose.

Happy 2019, friends! I hope it is everything you wish it will be.

Love, ~E

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