a day in the life

Welcome to a day in the life of a college student during finals week. It’s my first finals week here at UGA, and it has been a whirlwind! As we all came back to campus after Thanksgiving break, we knew the short 2 weeks left at school would be a sprint and  marathon at the same time. The only thing standing in my way of a month of winter break was a week of classes, a presentation, an essay, two quizzes quiz, and four finals. No biggie, right?

Now, the last week of classes has passed. Reading day came and went faster than you could open a textbook. It is now officially (dun, dun, dun) FINALS WEEK. It is the culmination of your effort all semester, the time where you should be working the hardest, and yet you can’t find the motivation to get out of bed and go to your final. So here it goes. See how I spent my day of finals, and hopefully you’ll truly get to see my glamorous life as a college student.


9:00 AM – Wake up call!! I reach for my phone on the wardrobe behind my head, hoping I can find it without knocking it five feet down to the floor and turn the alarm off before I wake up my roommate.

10:00 AM – Get out of bed after scrolling through social media for an hour. Exam is in five and a half hours.

10:30 AM – After plodding down the hall to the community bathroom to brush my teeth, picking out the laziest outfit possible (the unofficial official college uniform), and putting on just enough makeup so that nobody questions if I’m alive or not, I can finally begin studying. I

10:31 AM – pull out my laptop, my textbook, 50 flashcards, 24 different colored pens, 7 different colored highlighters, and the notebook I only used to scribble down a few vocab words in during lectures.

10:32 AM – Sit on futon looking at phone for at least 30 minutes before even reciting a vocab definition

11:13 AM – Realize I’ve done nothing productive and decide I need a change of scenery. It’s crunch time and there’s just a little over four hours until the final.

11:20 AM – Stuff every school supply in sight into backpack and leave room with hopes of making it to the MLC. Remember that you left your room key sitting on your desk, locking yourself out, and text roommate to leave the door unlocked for you when she gets back.

11:26 AM – Pass Bolton and remember that meals exist and are actually important. Go in, eat breakfast, and sit at the table for an extra thirty minutes for no reason.

12:15 PM – Leave Bolton and proceed to the MLC.

12:19 PM – Arrive at the MLC. Spend 23 minutes searching for an empty study room, table, chair, space on the floor, anything.

12:42 PM– Finally find a chair in the most obscure corner. Repeat steps at 10:31 AM. Also, text the class GroupMe to see if anyone wants to come study with you.

12:45 PM – Finish color coding highlighters in rainbow order, alphabetizing notecards, & arranging pens by favorite color. Friend from class comes to study, too. Spend the next 17 minutes ranting about how much you don’t want to study and how much you don’t want to take the final.

1:02 PM – Realize there’s just a little over two hours until I need to be taking this exam, and start quizzing each other over every flashcard, reciting every word from the textbook, ingraining random vocab words into my brain (forget them the second I leave the exam), re-reading every note I took in the lecture, googling random things that were barely mentioned in class but will probably be like 75% of the test if I don’t study them, and  cramming every bit of knowledge into my memory. If my brain were an iPhone, I’d probably be getting the notification right now where it says “cannot take photo” because there is “not enough storage available.” You know the one I’m talking about.

3:07 PM – Two hours went by way too fast, and it’s actually time to take the final. Feeling a mix of anxiety, dread, and acceptance of failure.

3:15: PM – Arrive at the testing room, and talk with everyone around me about last-minute important details.

3:30 PM – It’s time.


5:27 PM – Sweet, sweet freeeedom. Turn in exam, walk back to dorm, pass Bolton on way and grab a celebratory cookie. (Also, update: I gave up on my cookie cleanse 3 days in. Willpower is at an all time low.)

5:42 PM – Arrive back at home sweet home. Do whatever necessary to avoid studying for next final.


This was a day in my life, and I’m sure the vast majority of college students relate. So if you’re looking for a great way to spend your finals week, just repeat these steps I followed to make sure you ace all your exams!! Good luck, happy studying, and happy holidays!!!

Love, ~E


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