what i’m thankful for this year

  1. My Family

Thank you, mommy, for waking up at 3 am to answer my phone call whenever I feel lonely, when I have a rough day, when I fail a test I thought I aced, when I ace a test I thought I failed, when I have the best day, and whenever I just want to talk to you. Thank you for always expecting the best from me, supporting me at my worst, and pushing me to be a better person every day. Thank you, dad, for always being my tech genius. I probably would’ve started a fire in my dorm without your help. Thank you for always asking to talk to me when I forget to call you, even if talking sororities and girl drama isn’t your favorite topic of conversation. Thank you, William, for always being the annoying little brother. Thanks for always keeping your sense of humor, even when you almost kill us with your awful driving.

2. My High School Besties

Thank you for all the ugly snaps and the never-ending group message. Thank you, Sarah and Knat, for always being down for Bolton or letting me crash on your futon. Thank you for keeping me updated on all your lives even though we’re at 4 different schools and 4 hours away – I feel like we never left each other. Thank you for helping me through the first semester of college. Thank you for not only being high school besties, but forever besties. Most people aren’t lucky enough to find such good people in high school, but I did, so thank you.

3. My New College Besties

Thank you for making UGA a home for me, and what’s a home without a family? You’ve become a second family in my second home. Thank you for laughing with me, being happy for me on the best days, and comforting me on the bad days. But with y’all there are many more laughs and smiles and happy days than bad days. Thank you for the late night chats in the lobby of the dorm, going out with me on a Saturday night and going to church with me the next morning, spending 7 hours with me in the MLC the night before a midterm, sharing your closets with me, letting me crash on your futons, and always being just a text and an elevator ride away.

4. Alpha Phi

I’m sorry for this cliché sorority one, but it needs to be done. Thank you for bringing me over 300 new friends. Thank you for smiling and saying hey when we see each other both wearing Alpha Phi apparel even if we’ve never met. Thank you for the invite to sit when I see y’all eating in Bolton, letting me borrow clothes when I have nothing to wear to  social, finding me a date 3 hours before a date night, offering me a ride home when you’re headed in the same direction, and being the sisters I never had (I’m sorry this is so cliché sorority girl. I’m cringing, but it’s so real, too).

5. College

Thank you for teaching me the greatest lessons, and being the greatest blessing at the same time. Thank you for teaching me more about life than academic lessons (although those are important, too). Thank you for teaching me not to put red shirts in with white shirts because they will turn neon pink, teaching me how to study until 4 AM and then get up and take a test 3 hours later, teaching me how to inhabit a space the size of a shoe box with another person and make sure it doesn’t turn into one of the houses on that TV show about hoarders, and most of all, thank you for continually teaching me who I want to be, and how to be the best version of it. Also, I go to the best school ever, so thank you UGA for admiting me a year ago, and thank you for teaching me that Saturday is the most important holiday (*cue the Saturday song* IYKYK), and there’s never a limit on how many times you can say go dawgs.

6. Jesus

Save the best for last. Thank you for giving me my family, my high school besties, and my new college besties. Thank you for showing me that I definitely can’t get through college without you, no matter what I thought before I got here. Thank you for the blessings like Freshley, the Catholic Center at UGA, and the people who lead me closer to you every day.


I’m so grateful that I get to live this life. It’s not all sunshine and butterflies, trust me, but it’s what ya make it. Have a gr8 day, peace and blessings, and Happy Turkey Day.

Love, ~E

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