all about m{e}

Hello, and welcome to my blog. I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but I’m sure it’s going somewhere great. Here’s a little bit about me so you know what you’re getting yourself into!!

1.”Elizabeth is kind of a long name. Do you have a nickname or something?”

“Well, whenever my mom posts about me on Facebook, she calls me E.” And so it stuck. My bestest of friends know me as E, & it’s become my favorite thing to be called. So I’ll probably end each post signing off as E because it’s not only a nickname, E is my favorite person to be. Also, my middle name is Dylan. Hence, Elizabeth Dylan!!! I really didn’t like my middle name for years because I thought it was a boy’s name, but I’ve grown to love it.

2. I’m currently a freshman at the University of Georgia.

Go dawgs always. I’m involved in Greek Life, UGA Miracle (FTK!!!), Freshley, the Catholic Center, and I’m an Intended Interior Design major, so if you’re ever looking for me, I’m probably doing something related to those things.

3. Why?

I started this blog as a way to put myself out there not only at UGA but into the world. At a school of 35,000 students, it’s way too easy to feel as if you’re just a drop in the ocean. I want to do something that is unique to me and is a product of solely myself. I want to be able to not only put my college experience into words for myself, but share it so that maybe someone else can relate to, laugh with, or learn from me.

4. Just a few other current obsessions

Podcasts (I’m a toaster), Pentatonix Christmas music (I start listening in July), chocolate chip cookies (I have the biggest sweet tooth), Fixer Upper (I want to be Joanna Gaines when I grow up), and the dawgs (again). Sarcasm is my first language, laughing is my favorite thing to do, and I’d like to be a ray of sunshine, but sometimes the sarcasm gets in the way.

5. “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely.”

This embodies everything I want to be, and if I put it on the Internet for everyone to see, then I should probably try to stick to it.

Love, ~E

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